Government Body

The MCCFM is conformed by the general assembly (49 associations from all over the country), an advisory commission (Council ex-presidents and expert licensed associates) and the executive board.  The MCCF executive board (2023-2025) is conformed by Family Medicine doctors, who have a valid current license, and four committees whose members specific activities are described next:

President           Dr. Miguel López Lozano

Vice-President   Dra. María Emiliana Avilés Sánchez

Secretary           Dra. Ana Isabel Tun Basulto

Treasurer            Dr. Héctor Tecuanhuey Tlahuel

EXAMINATION COMMITTEE. Creates the questions for the evaluation, the psychometric exam, and provides feedback. It also has the responsibility to monitor the certification exam.

RECEPTION AND REVISION OF DOCUMENTS COMMITTEE. Makes sure they get the participants documents in legal and organized conditions.

MINIMAL RULES COMMITTEE: Collects the academic requirements which are fundamental to practice the specialty.

SCIENTIFIC RELATIONSHIPS COMMITTEE: Negotiates and discusses national and international academic arrangements.